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Global relaunch of top-tier mobile app featured in Apple App Store and Google Play

  • Took over ongoing maintenance and modernization of a family of mobile apps designed to gamify and promote sustainable living practices.
  • Performed significant feature, internationalization, and scalability upgrades for an Earth Day 2019 launch of a version branded for a multinational ready-to-assemble furniture company.

Great things underway…


Modernized E-commerce and Inventory system for online retailer

  • Online presence and back-office automation for mid-size company
  • Custom integration of Able Commerce E-commerce system and Fishbowl Inventory Management software.

Marketing automation for a Silicon Valley drug R&D group

  • Part of an overall modernization and rebranding effort, customized and integrated the full suite of HubSpot tools.
  • Tools pipeline allows staff to track and optimize their customer interactions: from marketing and pre-sales, through production, delivery, and invoicing.


Customer portal for a national laboratory services company

  • Customer-facing solution for established mid-size company
  • Angular 2 with latest .NET Core server architecture. Interfaced and presented a wide range of operational back-end systems including CRM, Dynamics AX, digital signatures, and enterprise single sign-on.

Real Estate Sales Flyer Generator

  • A new product addition for established mid-size software company
  • Application allows mortgage loan officers extensive flexibility in creating co-branded marketing flyers with their real estate partners. The single screen interface and array of templated layouts facilitate simple assembly and professional results, while a built-in rules engine enforces compliance with federal regulations and corporate policies.


Social network to connect junior athletes with college coaches

  • New product for a small startup company
  • Angular single page application with ASP.NET WebAPI hosted on Azure Cloud. Worked with founder from company inception through building their team and their product for a wide audience launch.

Specialized time tracking and reporting

  • Internal solution for a regulated charitable organization
  • Angular single page application with ASP.NET WebAPI. Automated complex process of compliant use of thousands of possible codes for grant funding process.


Vaccine tracking system for pediatric group

  • Internal solution for established mid-size company
  • .NET WPF Windows Desktop application with distributed database back-end. Integrations with multiple pieces of specialized hardware.

Upgrades to specialized project management system

  • Internal solution for established public Energy Technologies company
  • ASP.NET MVC and MS SQL Server. Complex internally built system needed extensive additions in a rapid timeline with limited availability of the original developers.


Content management system capable of generating responsive web applications

  • New product for established mid-size software company
  • ASP.NET MVC and Bootstrap. Integrated into existing CRM and sales support systems.

Mobile application add-on to existing CRM system

  • New product for established mid-size software company
  • Sencha Touch with ASP.NET WebAPI back-end. Partial replication and unification of five existing software systems.


Multiuser interactive presentation system

  • Marketing solution for fortune 500 company
  • .NET Windows desktop touchscreen application later redeveloped for multi-platform tablets.

Data broker API able to normalize the information returned from competing sources

  • Internal tool for mid-size software company
  • ASP.NET WebAPI and SignalR.


Athlete training management system

  • Product of a new startup
  • Web application implemented using single page application (SPA) approach.

Video capture and e-learning development and distribution system

  • Internal solution for a medical teaching university
  • LAMP stack development and customization of 3rd party products.


SMS-based large group notification tool

  • New product of a startup company
  • Custom architecture allowing for massive numbers of transactions.

Mobile application add-on to existing “connected classroom” product

  • New product for mid-sized established company
  • Multi-platform development using Sencha Touch and PhoneGap.


Social network for creative professionals

  • New product of venture-backed startup
  • Adobe Flex with LAMP back-end. Integrated with Amazon Web Services.

Internal media repository and training tool

  • Redevelopment of existing internal solution for a Fortune 500 company
  • Adobe Flex with Microsoft Stack back-end.


New front-end and API for established shared data repository

  • Product of global trade association
  • ASP.NET web application and SOAP web services.

SaaS online ordering for restaurants

  • New product of a small established company
  • ASP.NET with a distributed database.


Custom online storefront

  • Small established niche brick and mortar store
  • Installation and extensive customization of Able Commerce.

Online video interview and knowledge archive system

  • Product of a small established company
  • Adobe Flash with custom server back-end.


Corporate website

  • Marketing solution for international corporation
  • ASP.NET with a custom distributed content management system.

Request for proposal (RFP) portal for large distributed sale force

  • Full redevelopment of existing product of a small startup company
  • ASP.NET web application.


Multiuser interactive game

  • Marketing solution for international corporation
  • Dynamically generated content in Adobe Flash.

Video processing, archiving, searching and playback server for DVR appliance

  • Product of a small international company specializing in law enforcement solutions
  • Wide range of Windows platform technologies.


Mailing and package tracking system

  • Product for a startup company
  • ASP.NET with extensive integration to 3rd party services.

CRM and marketing toolset for the real-estate industry

  • Product for a startup company
  • ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Adobe Flash. Extensive multimedia presentation abilities.


Custom home listing service

  • Web presence for a multi-location independent real estate broker
  • LAMP stack.

Document repository and project management solution

  • Internal solution for a marketing & PR firm
  • ASP.NET.


Multilingual open standards compliant learning management system

  • Product for an ERP training company
  • Server-side Java with custom cascading XSLT UI for per-customer customizations.

Desktop media management application

  • Custom internal solution for a Fortune 500 company
  • .NET winforms application with custom server back-end.


Corporate intranet site

  • Custom internal solution for an international corporation
  • Included a custom distributed content management system.

Standards compliant courseware converter and exporter

  • Addition to an existing proprietary internal solution
  • Traditional ASP and Microsoft SQL Server.


Patient relationship management and outcome tracking system

  • Product for a medical consulting company
  • Early example of AJAX techniques.

Online city guide website engine

  • Product for a startup company
  • Traditional ASP with a custom distributed content management system.