Digital Mettle is a technology consultancy dedicated to serving the market with best-of-breed software development capabilities.  Since our founding in May 2001, we have delivered in excess of 200 projects to more than 100 clients.  We are a mature, stable, and established team experienced at leading serious solution engineering for clients of all sizes.  Digital Mettle believes in graceful user experiences backed by elegant code and architecture.  That is exactly what we develop in partnership with our clients.

The company’s founders, Jason Mac Entee and Brian Schuller, have been working together for their entire careers, starting at the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in 1998.  Upon leaving the NCDOT in 1999, they joined Tad Richard at the startup VisionFactory, and have worked together since.

The Digital Mettle client-centric approach to development has driven our organic growth and fortified our reputation as a trusted partner to our clients.  We recognize that successful development doesn’t occur in a vacuum, so we start every project with a blank whiteboard and a Q&A session so that we can understand our client’s business, challenges, and goals—how our clients define success guides every aspect of our development strategy.

No matter the size of the client or the scope of the project, our collaborative and iterative development process keeps our client in the loop with a well-defined project roadmap and transparent documentation that helps ensure the delivery of a winning client solution—on-time, on-spec, and on-budget.  We strongly believe that our work showcases our client’s vision and investment, and that all related intellectual property should be retained by the client.