Alcami is a world-class pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). Alcami OnDemand™ (AOD) is a customer-focused sample submission, quoting, and project tracking portal, and is the centerpiece of Alcami’s digital workflow. AOD enables Alcami to stay connected with their customers at every level.


  • Better overall customer experience
  • Digital process for sample submission
  • New quoting process for analytical testing
  • Real-time project tracking and test results
  • Secure document exchange and archiving
  • Threaded activity-centric messaging


  • Planning sessions with stakeholders across all departments
  • Product roadmap for the digital transformation of the analytical testing process
  • Extensive user experience and user interface explorations
  • Use of Agile Methodology during development to offer continuous improvements and flexibility


  • .Net Core
  • Angular
  • SQL Server
  • Cordova


+650 active companies in use

60% YOY sustained growth over 2 years

+1800 projects performed

Internal business processes shifted to utilize the new platform

Tested for compliance with relevant FDA guidelines

Customer portal highlights


  • Companies setup by either self-onboarding or Alcami account managers
  • Individual users quickly onboarded using email invitations


  • Quote workflow simplified for flexibility and clarity: draft, submitted for pricing, awaiting customer approval, and approved
  • To create a quote, customers are guided through 5 easy steps including the selection of materials and tests

Materials & Tests

  • A catalog of standard materials, tests, and pricing are synchronized from centralized databases
  • Custom materials and tests defined by customers can be submitted for approval and stored for multiple use

Project Creation

  • A project builder combines materials, tests, lots, and pricing into a single screen to provide users with a comprehensive view of all the various pieces
  • Projects can also be stored as drafts to allow users time to build complex submissions


  • Submitted projects provide customers with shipping information and checklists
  • Receiving and laboratory teams are notified of incoming sample shipments
  • Sample shipments are directed to specific locations based upon ability to execute


  • A messaging component integrated in every stage of the process allows for specific questions and an audit trail of communication
  • Customers and project managers are notified via system notifications and email
alcami case study

Alcami’s Benefits

Alcami OnDemand™ is integrated directly into Alcami’s business processes. Alcami Account and Project managers were trained, and customers were onboarded to make the launch and rollout a success. There are a lot of various benefits to Alcami’s teams.

  • Increased efficiency of the analytical testing process
  • Greater institutional insight into ongoing workloads for capacity planning
  • Reduce liability of receiving sample submissions without proper documentation
  • Audit trail of communications and changes to projects and quotes
  • Faster response to requests for quotes
  • Prioritize laboratory services by preparing for upcoming projects

Customer Benefits

Alcami’s customers were smoothly onboarded and began using the customer portal immediately. Their feedback was positive as they realized and appreciated the efficiency, clarity, and transparency of the system.

  • Centralized location for all quotes, projects, materials, tests, documents, and shipments
  • Easy creation of quotes and sample submissions
  • Flexibility to modify and extend projects in progress
  • View on-demand test status and results
  • History of communications and events


The genesis of the AOD project was Alcami’s innovative marketing department deciding to differentiate their services through enhanced customer experience. Since the digital transformation of the sample submission process, Alcami uses the OnDemand portal to showcase their industry leadership.

Digital Mettle played a key role in the development of Alcami OnDemand and continues to help with ongoing improvements and expansion into additional lines of business.