Digital Mettle builds custom software solutions to integrate Novi with anything a client may need.

We have developed integrations with QuickBooks, LMS Systems, CE credits, Novi product and events, and others. We’ve also built new applications such as custom portals, single sign-on systems, member ID generation, member cards, certificates, and more. Below are some examples of the client solutions we have created.

Third Party Integrations

  • QuickBooks
  • LMS systems: Canvas, LearnWorlds, Litmos
  • Engagez (Online Conference System)
  • Zendesk
  • WordPress
  • iRent (RMAP)
National Apartment Association

National Apartment Association

Affiliate Data Exchange

The National Apartment Association (NAA) needed a custom solution that would easily allow affiliates to share their member data from Novi with NAA’s Salesforce/Nimble CRM. Critical to the process was a complex custom software solution that allowed NAA to view and manage incoming member records.

A single sign-on online portal was developed to allow NAA administrators to view or edit all the incoming member records and based on several specific criteria (and/or matching logic), the records would be automatically or manually approved to write to the NAA CRM.

To make the process as user friendly as possible for affiliates, a member portal was developed and provided with options to connect their Novi AMS to NAA’s system. If a member was not using Novi, the portal could be used to manually upload and manage their member data via templated Excel spreadsheets.

Illinois Retired Teachers Association

Illinois Retired Teachers Association (IRTA)

Activity Reports with QuickBooks Integration

The challenge presented by IRTA was to produce and email a monthly report to their local units (chapters) containing any changes to member information within their unit. Members are managed both within Novi and QuickBooks directly.

Digital Mettle built a custom software application that pulls data from both Novi and QuickBooks, then creates and compares data snapshots taken at the beginning and end of each month. An automated data comparison is made for each local unit, and a PDF activity report is generated and emailed to specific member roles designated within Novi. Each unit report is also stored on IRTA’s SharePoint for easy access and reference.

Client Testimonial:

Nathan Mihelich  |  Director of Membership & Marketing

It’s not every day that you come across a company that understands your unique needs, delivers expectations, and integrates seamlessly with your team’s ethos. Digital Mettle is such a company. When we at the Illinois Retired Teachers Association were in need of a custom database notification system, Digital Mettle emerged as the beacon of hope we were looking for.

Women in Aviation International

Women in Aviation International (WAI)

Scholarship & Job Portals and Member ID

WAI came to Digital Mettle with a request for several custom solutions they wanted prior to live launch including a custom scholarship portal and job portal along with member ID generation. Both the scholarships and jobs needed to be listed within the Novi website. Custom member IDs were to be used as part of the scholarship application so WAI could cross reference information easily. In addition, members would need to be able to click a button to view a PDF of their membership card.

As part of the member sign up process, IDs were created for members to use in a variety of ways, including the ability to generate a PDF of their membership card. For the job portal, Digital Mettle built an online application that allowed a single sign-on for corporate members to post jobs and the ability for WAI admins to pre-approve listings before they went live. For the scholarship portal, members would use single sign-on for access to submit a maximum of 3 applications during a cycle and upload any supporting files. WAI admins have the ability to manage scholarships and email scholarship sponsors all the applications for them to judge a winner.

Multifamily NW

Multifamily NW

Member Survey Portal

Multifamily NW wanted to upgrade their online member survey and needed a solution that would be integrated directly with Novi to efficiently organize the collection and management of information. Having robust functionality to parse the collected data was important to streamline reports provided to members.

Digital Mettle built a custom survey portal that integrates directly with Novi. A single sign-on from Novi allows qualified members or admins to access the survey portal. Members are given a streamlined version that shows them properties they manage and allows them to take the survey for each property. Admins are given an enhanced view that allows them to view, filter, and download excel reports of survey results along with the ability to correct any survey information directly. Member information is imported from Novi and written back upon survey submission.

APTA Pelvic Health

APTA Pelvic Health

LMS and CE Integration

APTA Pelvic Health offers on-demand courses and live events through a learning management system (Canvas LMS). They wanted a way for members to purchase correlating courses and tickets for the live events in Novi, then single sign-on from Novi to Canvas LMS and see their purchases. Once a person completed a course in Canvas, any CE credits needed to be reported back into the Novi member’s profile.

Digital Mettle built an online mapping tool for admins that dynamically loads lists of courses and live events created in Novi and courses created in Canvas so a mapping can be created between Novi and Canvas. Once a member purchases a Novi course/event ticket, they can single sign-on using a custom SSO connection to see their purchased courses in their Canvas dashboard. As part of the custom integration, any completed CE credits are automatically reported back to Novi and added to the member’s profile.

Client Testimonial:

Aika Barzhaxynova  |  Executive Director

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Digital Mettle on integrating Canvas/Instructure with Novi AMS for the first time. Digital Mettle not only guided us seamlessly through the complexities of the integration but also demonstrated exceptional patience in explaining intricate terminology. Their support extended beyond just guidance; they diligently assisted in troubleshooting as we launched the integration.

Thanks to Digital Mettle’s expertise, we’ve transitioned from a labor-intensive, manual user import process to a streamlined, automated one. This positive change has enhanced our members’ user experiences. Gone are the days of waiting for extended periods to access course materials; now, it’s a smooth and efficient process. We are truly grateful for the valuable partnership with Digital Mettle.


Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA)

Member Sign-Up Management

AAGLA wanted to streamline their member sign up process from their WordPress website and tie information directly into Novi. As part of the process, AAGLA wanted to generate and insert a member ID into Novi.

Digital Mettle built an integration to carry over information from WordPress into a Novi sign up form so information could be pre-filled. Once a member was created, a custom application was built to generate a sequential member ID and insert it directly into the member’s profile.

Client Testimonial:

Matthew Farghum  |  Chief Financial Officer & Director of Operations

Digital Mettle has been an efficient and effective resource. The knowledgeable team has delivered critical and practical customizations to Novi, which have improved our association’s operations.

Cabinet Makers Association

Cabinet Makers Association (CMA)

Membership Certificate Creator

Cabinet Makers Association wanted to allow members to generate a digital PDF Certificate of Membership through a button on their Member Compass page. Digital Mettle built an application that dynamically generated a PDF based on a designed Microsoft template and inserting live member data.

Client Testimonial:

Amanda Conger  |  Executive Director

I had the pleasure of working with Digital Mettle on a project aimed at customizing the members’ certificates for the Cabinet Makers Association. Digital Mettle demonstrated expertise and efficiency in transforming our traditional paper certificates into a digitally accessible format. This customization not only modernized our approach but also ensured that all current members of the Cabinet Makers Association could easily access their certificates online.

American Association of Birth Centers

American Association of Birth Centers

LMS and CE Integration

AABC offers courses through their LMS (LearnWorlds) and needed a way to allow users to purchase Novi products mapped to specific courses with a certain amount of CE credits that would be written back to a member’s profile when completed.

Digital Mettle built an online mapping tool for admins that dynamically loads courses in Novi and courses created in LearnWorlds so they can be mapped via this tool.  After mapping, once a member purchases a Novi course, they can use a custom single sign-on connection to see their purchased courses in their LearnWorlds dashboard. As part of the custom integration, any completed CE credits are now automatically reported back to Novi and added to their profile.

Client Testimonial:

Kate Bauer   |  Executive Director

Digital Mettle came highly recommended by our AMS provider and they exceeded expectations.  The Digital Mettle team was a pleasure to work with. They made sure they understood the full scope of the project and were responsive to our needs throughout the process.


Rental Housing Association of WA

SSO Connections

RHAWA needed various third party software providers they were utilizing within their organization to talk seamlessly with Novi.

Digital Mettle built Single Sign-On bridges to ZenDesk, Litmos LMS, and iRent (RMAP) in order to facilitate a smooth connection with member data in Novi.

Client Testimonial:

Denise Myers   |  Member Services

Digital Mettle was able to set up the SSO and group assignment quickly with minimal input. They are easy to work with and willing to put in extra time to troubleshoot any problem after a project is completed and implemented.

AMS Integration Presentation for Novi Summit