Client-Centric Development Model

Digital Mettle delivers custom software across the full spectrum of sizes: from plug-ins for small business automation to enterprise applications with hundreds of data processing screens.

One of the keys to our success is staying flexible, so we can use the best processes to meet client expectations. We work collaboratively with our clients to determine what portions of a solution need to be available and when. If the requirements create trade-offs from an engineering perspective, we are careful to outline those risk factors, so all stakeholders can make informed decisions.

We always maintain open lines of communication with our clients. This involves the frequent sharing of our project plans, ongoing internal documents, in-progress work products, and any new information that could impact delivery dates. Continuous communication allows clients to set expectations with their stakeholders, and is a critical component to long-term success.

Client Centric Model

From automation tools to major new products, please don’t hesitate to call and discuss how we can help.