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Our typical engagement normally starts with a consultation where we listen carefully to your challenge.  Depending on the scale of your problem, there may be 2-3 followup meeting where we refine the details of our proposed solution.  These brainstorming sessions normally include a combination of Customer Solutions Manager, Software Architect, Data Architect, and UX Director to work directly with you to clarify in detail exactly what is needed.

Phase 1 – Specification

Once you have, with our help, verbalized your goals, we enter into a “Specification Phase”.  The written results of this phase are all your property.  Using these documents, it is possible for you to get fixed-price bids from any software development team.

  • Functional Specification
  • Wireframes
  • Flow Diagrams
  • Technical Specification
  • Draft Database Schema
  • UI/UX/Visual Design
  • Data Integrity and Protection Analysis

Phase 2 – Setup

In addition to the leadership that you’ll meet directly with, there is a full project implementation team focused on delivering your solution.  We use an our established process to engage the right balance of managers, system architects, database architects, UI/UX, DevOps, designers, developers and testers to accomplish your project on time and on budget every time.

  • Establish Milestones and Tasks
  • Internal Document Review
  • Team Meeting
  • Resource Allocation
  • Finalize Milestones and Tasks
  • Configuring Project Management and Source Control
  • Configure Development Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Configure User Acceptance Testing CI
  • Configure Progress Visualization Tool
  • Setup Test Simulation System(s)

Phase 3 – Continuous Delivery Development

Once we present the documents to you and you sign off on them, we’ll provide our fixed-price proposal, including budget and schedule. Upon approval, we get started building your solution. During development we check in a minimum of once per week to let you know how it’s going. Unless otherwise agreed to, our project plans are built around two-week “sprints” where visible progress is made and presented by the Customer Solution team member assigned to your project.

  • Review Current Milestone and Goals
  • Develop and Unit Test
  • Commit Code to Source Control
  • Assign Completed Tasks to Quality Assurance (QA)
  • QA Approval or Assign back to Developer
  • Milestone Review / Approval
  • Prepare for Client Presentation
  • Client Presentation

Phase 4 – Revision, Delivery, and Training

Our work doesn’t stop at just “coding”.  Depending on scale, our “Delivery Phase” includes many possible steps. We work in partnership with all of our clients to ensure the holistic solution is successful, not just our software.

  • Integration Testing
  • Independent Testing (Professional QA Organization)
  • Client User Acceptance Testing
  • Third Party (Clients of Client) Testing
  • Bug Reports and Fixes
  • Client Signoff
  • Deployment
  • Internal User and Support Staff Training

Ongoing – Support

After that, we stay with you for the long-term. Most solutions are never “done” when they are done — nothing inspires new software feature requests like having a piece of finished software to use.  We’ll help manage, budget, and implement these feature requests and other maintenance requests that arise.