Who is Your Conference Connection?

Your Conference Connection (YCC) is a professional association & conference management company. YCC uses a combination of off-the-shelf and custom developed systems to manage multiple large annual conferences for various clients.

YCC’s original Attendee Management System was built based on a retired technology so they reached out to Digital Mettle to build an updated version.


Your Attendee Management System (YAMS)

As an upgrade to their existing conference management system, YAMS was built to unify conference operations into a single new multi-tenant system. This allows quick creation of new customers and conferences while keeping each customer’s data in isolated views, further streamlining the management and optimization of the system. YAMS consists of a web-based admin portal and a mobile-based attendee and exhibitor services system.

The core functionality of the new system is:

  1. Management of YCC customers and their conferences
  2. Ability to import conference and attendee information from the YCC Association Management System
  3. Updating and validating attendee’s certifications and general information
  4. Building, importing, querying, and exporting lists of attendees
  5. Printing conference badges for the attendees
  6. Printing checklists of conference materials (ribbons, etc.) which are included in attendees’ welcome packets
  7. Creation and collection of responses to conference and session evaluations
  8. Exhibitor tools to assist in managing ongoing conversations with attendees

The Results?

The new application successfully offers a streamlined customer experience for YCC members, attendees, and sponsors. The multi-tenant database and system design enables the management of multiple customer and conferences simultaneously, reducing the effort traditionally experienced in the management of new conferences.  YAMS architecture is forward-looking, offering flexibility for the needs of the future.

Web-Based Admin Portal


Mobile-Based Attendee and Exhibitor Services System

YAMS mobile 03
YAMS mobile 01
YAMS mobile 02