What is MINT+?

The Meetings Information Network (MINT+) is an online platform used by visitor bureaus throughout the United States.

The MINT+ database is a shared repository of information on organizations and their meetings and events. MINT users prospect intelligently for group business, armed with valuable information about historical meeting details and future bookings, as reported by fellow destination organizations.

With over 70,000 meeting histories, 175,000 planner profiles, and 165,000 organizations, the MINT+ database is the most comprehensive collection of group business information available to destination organizations.

Project Goals:

  • Enhance the overall user experience
  • Improve upon features within the system
  • Update and modernize the design
  • Simplify navigation
  • Improve mobile compatibility

Time for a redesign

The leadership team behind MINT+ felt it was time to enhance the user experience by offering users a newly designed interface coupled with some feature enhancements. Digital Mettle designed and implemented a new user interface design, updated menu system, enhanced many of the features to streamline the user experience and make the system more useful.

The Results?

The leadership team was excited and extremely pleased with the final results. Comments like “Your team has done a wonderful job on this” makes us realize our approach and execution were exactly what they wanted. Users have found the overall experienced to be a lot better and appreciate all the changes that were made.

Below are some of the enhancements that were completed.

Login Page

  • Information and layout updated to provide a user friendly introduction of MINT+ to new users
  • Modernized color scheme
  • Consolidation of page information and design
  • Mobile friendly enhancements throughout entire website


login before


login after

User Homepage

  • Intuitive universal navigation on the left versus split navigation top and left
  • Relevant and consistent iconography used throughout
  • Important system and user statistics are presented immediately upon login
  • Search bar consistent in the header


home before


home after

Organization Profile

  • Information laid out in a more user-friendly manner
  • Collapsible panels allow the user to select relevant sections versus continuously scrolling
  • Consistent placement of call-to-actions and buttons to inform users what actions to take
  • Informational hierarchy structured through various use of colors, fonts, and sizes


org profile before


org profile after