Custom Software?

After sponsoring the Novi Summit 2024 in late February, we had the pleasure of interacting with various associations and hearing ideas on helping members, enhancing membership benefits, generating non-dues revenue, automating processes, and much more. Custom software solutions for expanding your AMS and member benefits often seems like an overwhelming idea to try and understand.

Another way to think about this is to ask some questions:

  • What services, information, or solutions would benefit my members most?
  • Can any of these ideas generate non-dues revenue? Or increase member retention?
  • How can I enhance the user experience of my members?
  • What processes can I automate to save time and money so I can focus on members and our organization?

That’s where Digital Mettle as a custom software development company can come in and help to ideate, formalize, and build your ideas.

How we have helped

We have helped a lot of associations enhance and build upon the Novi AMS including:

  • Custom portals for administrators to manage incoming information.
  • Quickbooks integrations for member activity reports.
  • LMS integrations that not only have single sign-on capabilities through Novi but also integrate Novi Products, Events, and CE Credits with the LMS.
  • Membership certificate and card generation for easy printing.
  • Survey portals for members and administrators.
  • Scholarship portals
  • Job Boards

Visit our Novi AMS Showcase to read more about all the ways we have helped associations using the the Novi AMS.

Digital Mettle’s AMS experience isn’t limited to Novi.  Our customers have requested integrations with a wide variety of different AMS systems: Rhythm, WildApricot, Nimble, Fonteva, and Member Clicks, just to name a few.